Reservations for the 80th anniversary of the landing are closed. The remaining places are intended for passing customers.

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Located on the road to the beaches of the Landing beaches, between Arromanches and Ohama Beach, Camping** de La Prairie in Port en Bessin will be the ideal starting point for exploring the thousand faces of Calvados, between sea and bocage.

Shore to landing

The Battle of Normandy for a return to peace in Europe...


On June 6, 1944, the beaches of Calvados entered world history with the famous maritime landing of the Allied forces who came to liberate Europe.

The beaches of Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach are in themselves an open-air museum, dotted with commemorative monuments, military remains... places of memory recalling the scale of the operations.

A whole fascinating and moving circuit where you learn a lot and which does not leave you indifferent.

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