Reservations for the 80th anniversary of the landing are closed. The remaining places are intended for passing customers.

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Located on the road to the beaches of the Landing beaches, between Arromanches and Ohama Beach, Camping** de La Prairie in Port en Bessin will be the ideal starting point for exploring the thousand faces of Calvados, between sea and bocage.

Fishing on foot

A simple and authentic happiness to share with the family...


Learn about the pleasures of shore fishing during high tides.

Equipped with landing nets, small hooks, rakes or a simple knife, venture into low water to try to unearth cockles, clams, whelks, razor clams, mussels, clams and oysters that will fill your baskets.

Don't forget to check the tide times so as not to be surprised by the rising tide and only pick what you are sure to consume!